*would you like to see individual design close up?*

Hatena means "question mark" in Japanese. This collection of tea towel designs inspired by a part of my nostalgic child memory. Yes, I had a lots of questions!

I remember when I was small I had all these fascinating questions over one tiny thing and wanted to find out the answer to it.

I like rainy days. Suddenly many puddles appears here and there. It might be unexciting for grown-ups but these overlooked subjects are so interesting and magical for small people or someone like me.

I hope hatena tea towel collection tickles your imagination and gives you a little smile.

100% organic and fair trade cotton made in India 
the dimension: 520 mm x 700 mm (approx) 
illustrated and hand printed by Takae Mizutani 
in Stoke Newington London, UK